Tuesday, July 29, 2008

an interesting take on ROSS

Rafi Kam's thought's on Rick Ross:

rick ross’ next album should tell his true story in a cinematic way. but this time a comedy instead of an epic crime story… we meet our hero, a prison guard with an active fantasy life, like the hip-hop version of the secret life of walter mitty.. but the twist of course is that his fantasy life makes him a star… then it all falls apart at the end like a 2008 version of the jerk. maybe carl reiner does a cameo. is he still alive?

get someone like madlib or mf doom on production to capture the self-deprecation and fantasy/reality shit. if rick ross goes all masta ace meta on us to tell us the REAL story of rick ross, that’s a potential masterpiece right there.

look at baseball right now… andy pettitte and jason giambi are heroes again while palmeiro, bonds and clemens are burned as hypocrites… people will forgive anyone who cops (no pun intended!) to their fuck-ups.

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