Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scal lookin' like quite the shotta.

I've always thought Scal was mad overrated and only a fan-favorite because he is a white Irish dude in one of the most white-bread sports cites around, but this pic just look so dope.

Some Dope Clark U Ish

I went to college with Mr. Green at Clark U in Worcester. Knew the kid, but wasn't best bros with him. The amount of ligit hip-hop heads in my class was pretty much limited to me, this kid George, and one of my best friends Andrew. Conversely the class above us seemed to have much more. Anyway, this kid Aaron Green aka Mr. Green is starting to do big things with the MC Pace One. This is one of the first tracks I've heard of their 2008 album The Only Color the Matters is Green. Once I'm done writing up these job descriptions and recruitment plans for this lame Strategic Human Resource Management class, I will head home and check the full album.

If you want to check them out you can find them at:

Also, I can't get over how hilarious this image is.

89' NBA Dunk Contest

Being a short little Italian dude, I've always been partial to short athletes. The Pats jersey I own is Wes Welker, and I was all about Mugsy Bogues. That's why watching Spud Webb throw is down is so amazing. I can't even get rim, let alone dunk a full sized ball. Anyone know where I can get a Spud Webb jersey in a size medium or small? I can never find jerseys that aren't L or XL. Also, this Kenny "sky" Walker dude can dunk. Being a mid-80s baby, I really didn't get to see much of him.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big ebay auction since Manny's grill.

I know I'd personally love for Charles Oakley, one of the NBA's greatest enforcers to come to my house and make dinner.


As many of you know, I'm not big on baseball. It's boring, there's no swagger, it's the type of game you can follow through stats and not actually have to watch. (I actually have a friend who does this....cough Wallis). Now that the C's season is poppin' off again I couldn't be more geeked. Unfortunately, I have my first major exam of the semester in MBA 502. I will be relegated to watching the Blazers/Lakers game later this evening. The Blazers are a very interesting team this year, so stocked with talent. I could see them repping the West Coast in the finals as a sleeper. Anyway, get pumped.

good to see the lakers are taking this season seriously

Here's a pretty hilarious video of Lakers' wunderkin center Andrew Bynum making it rain on them hoe's. You think KG gives a shit about this stuff?

a blog recommendation

I just thought I would recommend that you check out my friend and former Clark University colleague's blog at She's been one of the most interesting people I've met in a while. Enough with the dick sucking, here's how she describes the blog: is a blog living in Providence, RI with a bad attitude and a secretly sentimental side. It covers all cultural detritus, large and small, relevant or not entirely.

fugg the american dream.

In a recent Hardvard Business Blog Post, John Quelch, Senior Associate Dean of the Harvard Business School asserts:

But underpinning the collapse of the housing bubble is a demand-side problem - the American Dream - that has been hijacked in countless political speeches from an embodiment of America's core values into a crass appeal to materialism and easy gratification.

As marketers I feel that we have a duty to tell authentic, meaningful stories. The initial conception of this American deal is that of a very authentic narratives with themes of self-actualization, pursuing our most genuine dreams and goals, and creating lasting relationships based on social equity. When one is reduced by marketers to that of a simple consumer, we are not doing our jobs, both as marketer and as citizen.

Demar Derozan *2009 NBA Draft #1 Pick!* - video powered by Metacafe

Demar Derozan looks like an absurd talent. He's playing at USC this year and is getting potential 2009 number 1 pick hype. Compton in the house. Check the video.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Poem for a young vote.

Jay Smooth is one of my favorite bloggers. Here's his latest video blog:

Go out and vote kids. I'm so geeked on Obama beastin' this election.